What You Need To Know About Termite Swarmers

In general, termite swarmers are the new king and queen termites that are about to leave their own colony to form new termite colonies. Seeing termite swarmers is a sign of trouble for homeowners, as it means that a colony of termites is about to infest and destroy the wood structures of their home.

Swarms usually have a variable swarming season. However, the most common time for them would be during the warm months, especially after the rainy season.

Termites are social insects and they have different social classifications. Working termites are the lowest in the social caste, while the termite queen is the highest. The queen termites in a colony of termites are derived from the reproductive termite social caste in which she grows wings during the swarming season, so she has to leave her colony to form a new colony.

Termites have the ability to reproduce at high speed and live in the world without being detected by humans. We know that termites are found in more than seventy percent of the world. We could say that this cannot be true, but Africa also has termites and we call them African termites. Because of the severe termite damage to our homes and buildings, it has cost us over $ 2 billion a year to repair structures damaged by fire, not by tornadoes, but by termites.

Because of their resilience and ability to feed and reproduce undetected, the termite population is ten times that of mankind. The termite population lays with the termite swarmers that produce eggs and continue to lay eggs daily until they die. It is their only job, the termite’s workers, to bring them food and build their nests, they are protected by termite soldiers.

Termite swarmers fly during the spring months and are weak even at that time. They are looking for a partner to breed and create a new colony this time. If you see what appears to be flying ants and you think they are out of season, you probably see termite swarmers looking to mate. In this case, they are close to you and will eventually find their way if they are not arrested. Termite swarmers lose their wings, and if you find this anywhere around your home, immediately start your inspection to avoid a serious problem in the future.

Because termite swarmers lose their wings after finding a partner, they usually fall to the ground and create a colony just under your nose. They do not discriminate, your house or your neighbors, anyway, you’re going to have a serious problem. One thing that people do not know, and that I learned from a professional pest control company, if your houses or buildings are close to each other, your neighbor may be riding his house of termites, they will go directly to your home. Therefore, it is always nice to talk about the problem to your neighbors. This is one of those times when you do not want to share with your neighbors. Tell everyone that you have seen the termites swarmer and that you have found their wings, this is the sure sign that they are hiding somewhere.

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